I can’t believe I’m actually writing a post that isn’t on a Saturday night! This is a creative piece, based in the Minecraft universe, specifically a modpack called Regrowth. Loosely based on my experiences with a friend playing on a server.


I jump at the sound of the door swinging open before my rational mind reminds me the only thing that could possibly be was my friend, returning from a long day of gardening.  Their voice came shorty after their arrival “How are things coming along?”.

Despite the gentleness of their voice I felt a twinge of annoyance. I had recently lost all of my belongings in a freak accident while traveling to another dimension. I was armed and prepared, having researched it extensively beforehand. My friend, on the other hand, was unsure if we were ready and opted to stay behind. Falling goodness knows how many feet into an ocean of lava I couldn’t help but feel they had the right idea. Perhaps if I hadn’t been so eager… No, it was no use dwelling on what has already happened.

“Well I’m slowly getting my iron back, making the other stuff was simple enough. I think for now I’m going to focus more on the simpler quests” I answered, unconsciously gripping my satchel closer to me as I spoke.

My satchel contained the Quest Book. A powerful magical artifact that could grant items in return for the completion of tasks or a quota of sacrifices. The world around us may have been a hot and dangerous wasteland but the magic here was still as strong as ever.

I hear footsteps approaching from behind me and turn to properly greet my friend. Their clothing and skin were smeared with soil and they had the satisfied look of a days good work. I smiled at them but my attention was diverted by the sight of a vivid orange sunset through the windows. Another day wasted and gone.

“Are you okay?” the question made me snap my attention back to them. Caught off guard by the question I simply stared at them for a few seconds before finding the voice to respond.

“Oh, uh, yeah, I’m alright…” I started, I looked back at the crafting bench I was standing at. “It’s just weird. I’m so used to being able to reclaim my stuff, I feel like it’s such a huge waste of time you know? I could be doing something interesting and productive.”

My friends expression was sympathetic. “I’m sorry” they said, and just like always I knew they meant it. That was enough to make me feel slightly better. “Do you want any help? I’m not entirely sure what I could do but…”.

I waved my hand “No it’s fine. Thank you” I dismissed the offer with a grateful smile.


I nearly shot out of my skin at the sound of the door being pounded on. My eyes widened, and my friend was equally startled, neither of us had heard it coming!

My friend was quick to pull out their weapon, an elegantly crafted flint sword. They ran to the door with a quick glance back at me. I swiftly pulled a matching sword out and ran to the door as well, arranging myself so that we could strike from two sides.

The pounding continued as the zombie outside emitted wet snarls and growls. My friend glances at me and I nod, ready to battle. My heart is pounding and I hoped I didn’t look as pale and scared as I felt. Despite thrusting myself into battles and taking numerous risks I always felt very insecure when I was the one being attacked.

There wasn’t much time to ruminate in my emotions as my friend darted out and flung the door open, allowing the humanoid monster to enter.

A part of me shriveled up and recoiled at the smell, sweet and pungent. I struck out with my sword as the zombie advanced on my friend who was also striking out against it. As scary as it was I knew in the back of my mind that the zombie stood no chance against our simultaneous attack.

Wounds quickly opened up all over it’s body and the being began to shiver and shake. I was lost in the whirlwind of battle. My only objective was to kill the beast and I was going to complete it.

With a strangled cry the monster seemed to freeze in place before vanishing in a puff of thick and putrid smoke. I scrambled backwards covering my mouth with a free hand. The magic that created this being had let it be destroyed.

When it cleared our rewards rested on the ground. One zombie brain and one thick slice of rotted flesh. I looked at my friend who was nursing a minor wound. They seemed pretty green around the edges but after fighting a zombie who wouldn’t be?

I moved closer to them with concern. Wounds weren’t always what they appeared to be and while I only see one that could be bothersome I knew I couldn’t know for sure how they were feeling.

“Hey, are you alright? Do you need some food or something?” I felt a twinge of frustration that I was unable to keep the shake out of my voice. They looked up at me and shook their head. “No… I’m fine” they answered. Their voice strangely small sounding. I noticed with relief their wounds were starting to close up.

There was stillness in their air as we stood there, zombie flesh and brains between us. I listened in the night and I heard the unmistakable clinking of bones. I also heard the skittering of insect legs. But both seemed far away…

Yet… Wait…. Did I hear footsteps?

My companion let out a yelp of alarm just as a hissing noise sprung up to my side.

I whipped around, the world slowed down as my eyes took in the green monstrosity that had entered our home.

The last thing I thought before it exploded in a furious cloud of gunpowder and guts was:

Fuck, we left the door open.


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