A Difficult Conversation

This is a creative post! For better or worse I’ll admit straight up I’ll be posting a lot of My Little Pony related fanfic ideas/drabbles. I have an ongoing story I’d really like to continue so I need to flex my muscles, but hopefully I’ll have something original soon! I’ll try to explain the context within the story so if you’re not privy to the show please try to read anyways and let me know if you could keep up.

Summary:The ex-student of an immortal goddess and ruler of a country called Equestria finds herself having nightmares about her former mentor. She has to confront her guilt and decide once and for all if she should try and apologize.

Content warnings: It’s a bit horror styled. There’s implied death but nothing explicit. After that it’s basically what would be categorized as Sad/Slice of Life on FiMFiction.net. I think the tags are self explanatory.

The castle halls were quiet and dark. Sunset Shimmer made her way through the tall hallways, her unicorn horn illuminating the way with teal light. She found herself disturbed by the still emptiness she was surrounded by. Where were all the royal guards?

After a few minutes of walking the golden unicorn’s apprehension gave way to dread. Her pace inadvertently quickened as her mind raced through scenarios. Had the castle been overrun in an invasion? Had she been knocked out by a foe who proceeded to wipe her memory? Was Celestia, her beautiful and immortal teacher, somewhere out in the world fighting for her life?

As her limbs carried her towards the throne room Sunset could picture her mentor almost perfectly. A huge white pony with a slim yet powerful body. In Sunset’s mind she was wearing royal armor, her elegant wings spread wide and her long horn illuminated in the fire of her magic. She was fighting off foe after foe with all of her might. But… Maybe… Even a goddess could be…

“Sunset Shimmer!” a voice called out, abruptly pulling her from her disturbing thoughts. Sunset stopped and whirled around, her horn brightening in a display of raw power. She could see a tall figure in her intensified glow. The pony was still enshrined in shadows, but Sunset knew of only one pony that could match the figure’s frame before her.

The unicorn’s heart skipped a beat and her green eyes widened in surprise. “Princess!” she cried, galloping towards the figure. All of her fears that concerned Princess Celestia vanished in an instant.

That is until she got close enough to see the figure was most certainly not the Princess. For the second time that day (night?) the poor pony stopped abruptly. Her heart pounded wildly as she took in the new alicorn before her.

Like the alicorn that was her mentor, this pony bore both wings and a horn. That’s where her similarities with Celestia ended. Her coat was as black as coal. Her eyes were cold and the pupils were shaped like those of a cat. But her most distinct features was her mane and tail. As with Celestia they seemed to flow in a wind others could not feel. But unlike the gentle pastel colors of the princess, they seemed to capture the night sky itself. If Sunset weren’t mortified by her situation she would’ve been enamored with the sparkling “stars” in the pony’s mane and tail.

The golden unicorn backed up a little and found her voice. “Who are you!?” she demanded, unable to keep the fear from tainting the question. “Where’s Princess Celestia?!” The alicorn before her simply smirked. “Princess Celestia?” she inquired rhetorically. Her voice was smooth despite a very faint lisp. Suddenly she broke out into a grin, showing off dangerously sharp fangs. “My dear older sister is exactly where she ought to be! Banished to the very same prison that held me for a thousand years!”

As the dark alicorn before her laughed, Sunset tried to cast an offensive spell but found her horn non-responsive. “No!” she cried, launching herself recklessly at her opponent. The alicorn simply stopped her with a quick burst of magic. Sunset cringed at the powerful dark magic that gripped her body, holding her above the red carpet.

“Yes! Thanks to you, who neglected her duties as my poor sister’s faithful student, I have been able to return! The night will last forever and I, Nightmare Moon, shall claim my rightful place as sole ruler of Equestria!!”

Sunset found herself screaming out in disbelief and fear as Nightmare Moon cackled.

Then she opened her eyes.

At first she panicked at the sight of pitch blackness. Her horn ignited, revealing a rather large room. The pony shifted her body so that she was only half lying down.

Slowly everything clicked into place. She wasn’t in the capitol of Canterlot confronting Nightmare Moon. She was however, still in a castle, but this one was owned and tended to by Princess Twilight Sparkle.

As her breathing regulated Sunset used her magic to ignite the oil lamps in the bedroom. She was safe… For now. Her first night back in Equestria and she just had to have nightmares! She thought she was done with those years ago!

With a sigh the pony climbed out of the extremely comfortable bed she had been resting in. As much as she’d love to stay resting for the rest of the night, the adrenaline from her ordeal hadn’t quite worn off leaving her feeling jittery.

The unicorn’s thoughts quickly turned to the dream she just had, and to the beautiful princess that it centered on. At the mere thought of her old mentor the pony felt a spike of pain in her chest.

How could she have been so foolish? The day she turned on the alicorn and fled Equestria is one she will never forget. The day she lost everything she had worked to build as Celestia’s most faithful student. She had been a magical protégé, a unicorn with a destiny to become great.

“Why can’t you see I’m ready?!” the unicorn screamed at the princess “I’m the most talented student you’ve ever had! I can master any spell you throw at me in minutes! This is my destiny I know it!”

Sunset tensed up at the memory, the way her teacher just… Stood there, gazing at her with cold pink eyes.

“You are not ready Sunset Shimmer” the white pony’s voice was calm and quiet, but it was filled with anger. “I have told you this many times. Power alone isn’t enough to ascend! Now please, go to your quarters”.

“I hate you!!” Sunset scream, the book she’d been holding in her magic shot towards the princess at incredible speeds. But Celestia was quicker and quickly seized the book in her own golden glow.

“Guards! Escort my…. Ex-student… To her chambers” she commanded.

Sunset Shimmer closed her eyes and took a deep breathe. No matter how many times she told herself to stop thinking about what happened she still found herself revisiting the memory.

After what had happened both parties were furious at each other. As Sunset Shimmer was being escorted she decided that she knew of one way to prove herself once and for all. She knocked the guards out and went through a magical portal, away from Equestria, and into another world.

She’d lived there for almost three years terrorizing other teenagers at a school. That was before she returned to steal a powerful artifact from Equestria, before Twilight Sparkle had followed her into that world and defeated her.

It wasn’t until she had been at her most vulnerable did the magic of friendship find her. She turned over a new leaf, found a life where she didn’t have to bully others into listening to her.

If only fixing her relationship with Celestia would be as easy as making those friends. Sunset stopped her pacing and set a deliberate path towards a large window. She stopped to look towards the moon, which still seemed so blank without the familiar unicorn silhouette.

“Thanks to you, who neglected her duties as my poor sister’s faithful student..” the memory of Nightmare Moon’s voice whispered in the back of her mind. Ultimately, it was Twilight Sparkle who saved Equestria when Nightmare Moon returned. It was Twilight Sparkle who brought back Princess Luna, commander of the night and Princess Celestia’s sister.

No wonder why Twilight was now a princess. Despite all of her guilt Sunset Shimmer had to admit to feeling just slightly jealous of Celestia’s other student. If she hadn’t been so horrible to those around if… If she’d just listen to her mentor… Would she be where Twilight was now?

Speaking of Twilight… The purple pony wouldn’t stop nagging Sunset about seeing Celestia. Something that Sunset wanted to avoid like she’d avoided taco tuesdays back at Canterlot High School.

As she traced her eyes over the countless stars Sunset return to the same question she’d been asking herself since she’d been reformed… Was she really ready to see the pony she assaulted and ran from all those years ago?

She still didn’t have an answer.


A Difficult Conversation